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Wheelock 2

Swan Class

Mrs Byrne


Welcome Swans to a new and exciting school year!


This term, our topic is 'A Magical World'. 



Throughout the term, we will be using Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and other well-known magical themed stories as a stimulus for both our writing and our topic sessions.  We will create both long and short pieces of writing, using imagery and carefully selecting our words to create fantastic descriptions. 

In our science lessons, we will use potions to learn about liquids, solids and gases, before moving onto learning about electricity!

This term in maths, we will be heavily focusing on number. We will look at place value, rounding, ordering, comparing and counting in multiples. The children will also practise their times tables daily. We will do this through chanting and rehearsal. It would be great if the children could practise these at home too. 


More details about or topic can be found on our autumn term curriculum web which will be available soon!