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Extraordinary Eagles!


Each week two children from Eagles will be awarded class praise certificates! 


Great job  Great job  Great job

One certificate will be selected from our shout out window display where other children have notimated people as a great animal role model representing Wheelock Primary's values. 

Shout out

This could be an excellent elephant- someone who has made a significant contribution to our class or school community.

Maybe a super spider-this pupil will have wowed us with their creative thinking, writing or approach in the classroom.  

We may have an astonishing ant amongst us- our ant represents challenge so this person would have risen to the chalenge or shown fantastic resilience etc. 

Or possibly, a perfect polar bear- this child will have developed their individuality and shown belief in themselves.

Elephant 3 Spider  Polar Bear  ANT


The second certificate will be award by myself or one of the year 5/6 teaching team.  The award will be given to a child who has fully embraced the No Outsiders approach we are developing across our Learning for Life Partnership Trust.  This child will have ensured that they have helped everyone to feel special and welcome in our school.  Maybe they offered someone to join them in their game, or stopped to help a classmate who was sad?

No outsiders n


The two children who are awarded the praise certificates will recieve a small packet of sweets, 2 house points for their house team and a seat at the coveted 'red role-model table' for the following week. 

At this table, the children will have a number of extra special treats such as fidget toys, special pens and pencils, IPADs for freetime and a cushion to sit on!

Rolemodel table

Good luck... show me your best Eagles to be in with a chance!