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Who are we? What do we do?

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Welcome to our new FOWS page. Full of information about the FOWS & our fundraising & events. 

Who are FOWS?

We are a group of enthusiastic volunteers (parents, carers and teachers) who organise events and activities for the whole school community to enjoy, whilst raising much needed funds for the school.

What do we do?

We plan, organise and deliver activities for the children of Wheelock and the local community. We love creating an inclusive community and enjoy helping to raise much needed funds for the ‘extras’ that help enrich the children's time and experience at school. 

Sadly, Covid has temporarily put a hold on many of our usual fund raising events. However, in 2019, we raised a staggering £12000!! This money supported (amongst other things) staging and lighting for the school hall, a climbing wall, stage, new outdoor classroom for the school field, an ICT suite and of course, our amazing Year 6 leaver hoodies. 

When do we meet? 

We usually meet once a month to co-ordinate events throughout the year. But, we need volunteers for all events – you don’t need to attend the meetings to volunteer, in fact, the events can’t run without the ‘non-committee’ volunteers who enthusiastically give up their time to help.


Meetings are quite relaxed and are normally held at a local pub. It would be amazing to see some new faces along with the current loyal members. We would love to have some new ideas and creative ways to enrich the children's school experience. 


There is no doubt that fundraising is an important part of what we do however, FOWS does so much more than this. We aim to create fun events and encourage a sense of belonging and togetherness for the wider Wheelock Primary School community. We love to involve parents, grandparents, siblings and friends to join in and celebrate our amazing school.

All schools have a limited budget; Wheelock is no exception – the additional funds raised are one of the few ways to obtain the ‘extras’ the children at Wheelock enjoy and deserve. 

How can you help?

● Read our emails, letters, alerts and follow us on our Facebook page.

● Attend the events and or meetings

  • Help out at our events 

● Encourage other volunteers 

● Let us know your skills – Are you a fantastic painter? Can you do balloon modelling? Are you a professional stilt walker? – whatever your skill – we can use it!

● Match funding – Did you know that lots of local companies offer match funding? This makes a MASSIVE difference to us. Please contact us at


New members are always welcome, the more the merrier! Some of our volunteers are new reception parents, others have been active members for over 10 years as their children move up through the school and then everything in between. It’s never to late to join and get involved. 


Our meeting dates will be posted on here, on the newsletter and on our Facebook page. 


Get involved! 


We hope you see you soon. 


Lyndsey Barker-Hewitt -Chairperson

On behalf of everyone at FOWS

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