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The PSHE curriculum at Wheelock develops the children’s understanding of how to form and maintain healthy positive age-appropriate relationships, develops their own self-worth and respect, improves their emotional resilience and the ability to articulate their feelings, as well as developing the virtues of integrity, kindness, courage and trustworthiness.  The links between good physical health and emotional wellbeing are fully exploited at each development stage.  Furthermore, supported by high-quality learning experiences, children develop a strong moral compass, which guides them through the decision making process as they age.

It is important that we build upon the children’s experiences to provide a wider understanding of the diversity in our country, and across the world, as a whole in terms of race, religion, relationships. 

The intent is to develop tolerant, respectful young people, prepared for their future lives in the wider world.  Alongside the science and Physical Education curriculums, PSHE develops the understanding of health and fitness.  In our school, we give children the knowledge to be able to make an informed choice with regards to diet and exercise.  Additionally, in our increasingly technological world, the children in Wheelock Primary use online resources frequently both in and outside of school, and are therefore exposed to an increased risk of internet abuse.  Our intent is to ensure all children are able to stay safe, making the correct choices about their use of technology and know who to talk to if they feel unsafe or worried about content on the internet; children leaving Wheelock are digitally literate. .

To enhance and support our teaching of PSHE we use the JIGSAW scheme of work across the school.