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At Wheelock, the teaching of reading is of the utmost importance both as a standalone subject and embedded in all other curriculum areas. Our reading curriculum strives for all children to become confident readers who have a love of reading. We are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers. We will provide opportunities for all children to have access to a wide range of stimulating and vocabulary rich books (fiction, non-fiction and poetry). By the end of Key Stage Two, children will have been exposed to books from different cultures, topics, eras and genres. The curriculum is delivered through 1:1 reading, home reading, guided group sessions, inference groups, reading across the curriculum and whole class reading. By exposing the children to well thought out books, Wheelock children will have a wealth of opportunities to develop fluency, inference, comprehension skills and, most importantly, selecting appropriate books to read for pleasure.



Our reading curriculum is delivered through Whole Class Reading (WCR). This is not a scheme of work, but instead planning is based on a key text. Each term will have a fiction, non-fiction and poetry focus. The VIPERS (vocabulary, inference, prediction, explain, retrieve and summarise) strands are used to inform planning. The texts have been carefully selected and, where relevant, link to history, culturally relevant or science topics. In addition, texts provide opportunities to broaden the children’s horizons and encourage them to pose questions and challenge topics and themes.


Early Reading

Early reading is the first vital building block in the children’s reading journey. By learning how to read, the children will learn how to love reading. In EYFS and in Key Stage One, the teaching of phonics is pivotal. The Read, Write, Inc scheme is due to be implemented in the Spring term 2022. In EYFS, the children begin their reading journey. They begin the year by choosing books to share at home with family members. They then begin to sound out and decode words. At the beginning of the year, children will read on a 1:1 basis until they are more confident at decoding and word recognition. As the year progresses, the children will then read in small groups and discuss the texts.


In Key Stage One, all children will continue to be heard read on an individual basis. This will coincide with the Read, Write, Inc scheme. The children will also participate in whole class reading (WCR) sessions. These provide the children with a wealth of opportunities to discuss books and be exposed to new and challenging vocabulary. The children will work through a reading spine on a rolling two-year programme. These consist of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books. These have been carefully selected and include topical, historical, scientific and age-appropriate books. Each WCR session will last for 30 minutes. There are 3 sessions per week. The WCR sessions focus on VIPERS strands. The sessions will centre around either a VIPERS strand or will concentrate on reading, decoding and fluency. The children also participate in daily phonics sessions. These will also be based on Read, Write, Inc in January 2022.


In Key Stage Two, the children continue to follow WCR. These, like Key Stage One, use fiction, non-fiction and poetry. However, the style of questioning will be more varied. Using the VIPERS, sessions will be planned using activities such as:

  • Retrieval questions
  • Find and copy
  • Be the teacher – generate questions after reading
  • The five-word prediction
  • PC prove it
  • Tweet it
  • Emotional inference graph

Reading sessions will also allow for time to developing reading stamina and fluency by using techniques such as echo reading and keep up with the teacher. Children will also delve into song lyrics and assessment papers to help build on their understanding of a text.

All children have the opportunity to read for pleasure. Books will be shared within the classroom to build on being lifelong readers. In addition, Accelerated Reader is currently being implemented across the school. This will be fully accessible by Easter 2022.


The impact of our reading curriculum goes beyond the result of statutory assessments. Children have the opportunity to enter the new worlds and historical eras that reading opens up to them. We endeavour for the children to develop a love of books and words. This will be across a wide range of genres, styles, cultures and topics.


We aim for all children to become fluent and confident readers. The use of WCR, daily phonics and small group reading sessions will allow this to become possible. We aspire for the children to apply their knowledge and experience to a wide variety of texts through the

Key Stage 2 curriculum.


Before leaving for high school, we aim for our children to leave Wheelock fluent, confident and capable readers who read for both pleasure and purpose. We will provide multiple opportunities to access an abundance of high-quality texts across all curriculum areas. We believe that reading is essential to all learning and so the impact of our reading curriculum goes far beyond the results of the statutory assessments.

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We hope that as the children move on from Wheelock Primary Schools as lifelong readers who will read for purpose and for pleasure.