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Eagles 2020-2021 


Wednesday 18th November

Good morning Eagles! Welcome to the last day of our isolation   : )   I can't wait for us to be back together tomorrow! Make sure you have done the work I have set you. In Literacy tomorrow, we will be looking at speech and creating dialogue between the characters in 'Toy in Space'. In Maths, I will be seeing how you have all done with your divisions this week.

I personally can not wait to walk the dog after school tomorrow. What are you looking forward to doing? 


Here is today's learning:

Wednesday 18th November 

Book Club 

Finish answering the comprehension questions on chapter 9 (Kensuke's Kingdom) Use the link below for chapter 9:  

Like in class, work your way through cool, hot and spicy- we will mark the answers on Thursday together :) 


Division word problems

(Year 6- you have some extra long division challenges to have a go at if you feel ready/confident in long division). 


Create character profiles for 3 of the characters from ‘Toys in Space’ focusing on facts about their personality using their speech bubbles as inspiration (use a thesaurus to select interesting vocabulary).



Science Learning


Screen Shot 2020 11 15 at 10.40.10Screen Shot 2020 11 15 at 10.40.16

You have some Science learning on plants to complete while you are at home. Please read the Science PowerPoint attached below and watch the video clips to help you complete the activities.


If possible, please bring these to school, when we are back, so we can stick them in your Science book.






It is Anti-Bullying week. Here is an assembly below to watch: 




Miss Wilkins' Video messages

Emoji Quizzes

Screen Shot 2020 11 18 at 08.12.42

Screen Shot 2020 11 18 at 08.13.30






Page Downloads Date  
Book Club Kensukes Kingdom 15th Nov 2020 Download
Eagles Remote Learning Offer Weekly Overview 15th Nov 2020 Download
Literacy Mon Weds teaching and activities 15th Nov 2020 Download
Maths Monday 16th Nov Mental Division Practice 15th Nov 2020 Download
Maths Tuesday 17th Nov Division detectives 15th Nov 2020 Download
Maths Wednesday 18th Nov division problems 15th Nov 2020 Download
Optional year 6 long division challenges 15th Nov 2020 Download
Optional year 6 long division practice 15th Nov 2020 Download
Mon Weds Science teaching and activities 15th Nov 2020 Download
Science activity worksheets 15th Nov 2020 Download