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Welcome Eagles to our autumn term topic:



Wonderful World of Animation


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Our Literacy for the first half

term will be 'Leon and the place

between'. The children will

develop their reading, writing

and SPaG skills, while they

immerse themselves in the text,

analyse the technicalities, and

compose their own writing.


Children will be drawing inspiration

from the illustrations, to create

their own animations in topic






Within our autumn maths mission, children will take part in

a ‘Break-out Room’ challenge. This will involve children using

their understanding of maths in order to problem solve and

reason through set activities in order to ‘escape’ the room.

Tasks include work on place value, sequencing, mental

strategies, code breaking and shape. Through our class

enterprise, children will also be looking at profit and loss to

calculate its success.





In science, the children will be investigating electrical

circuits and learning to recognise various component

symbols - applying this to pracitcal opportunities. They will

also be learning about the human body- paying particular

attention to the circulatory and respiratory systems-

looking in detail about how each of these work.  



The focus within STEM will be to create a battery-powered

car using the knowledge the children have gained during

discrete science sessions.  The children will create a design

brief considering the durability and stability of a range of

materials and how these can be joined together to create a

working product.  





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During our community sessions, the

children will look at what human rights

are and how they have changed over time

as well as stereotypes and women’s roles

- identifying these  within films.

Understanding of the physical world will be developed by

the children plotting the locations of the settings for some

of the Disney films, focusing on knowledge of continents

and countries, as well as looking at key landmarks

represented in them. 


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Image result for spider and web cartoonDuring our creativity sessions, the children

will spend time on a project that involves

them researching famous animators and then

they will present this to the class using a

range of resources and skills to make it

engaging. They will also learn the skills to help

them in debating confidently and effectively,

applying this to a debate on the characteristics

of various Disney characters. The children will explore the

art of animation, as well as look at culture/region specific

art of some of the settings of Disney films. Singing, 

including harmonies, and playing musical instruments will be

developed over the term too.


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Throughout our individuality topic this

term, children will take part in lots of

different activities such as Yoga, PiYo,

Tai-Chi, Fit 4 Life and dance. They will then

be looking at the links between physical

exercise and mental wellbeing.

Drug and substance abuse will also be covered within ‘Be

Healthy’ - identifying the physical and mental impacts of

this. During woodland sessions, they will be creating scenes

and settings for short animations, using material found in

there. Children will also be reflecting on their own

personality traits. 


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Within challenge based sessions, children

will be learning how to confidently use a

range of computer software and use this

in order to support their presentation on

a famous animator. They will also use a

range of programmes to design and create

their own animation scene, influenced by a

Disney/Pixar film. Through this area, the

children will research and explore the history of animation

and how it has developed over time with technology.


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Home Learning:

  • Eagles are asked to read daily and record their pages in their planner. 


  • Eagles have been issued their TTrockstar logins and have been asked to have a session practising their times tables 2-3 times a week. Image result for ttrockstars


  • For further home learning, see the tab at the top of the page for more information. 




Things to remember:Image result for things to remember

- PE will be taking place on

    Monday afternoons  


- Woodlands on Wednesdays

(bring clothes approrapte to the

weather for woodlands)


- Gym sessions on Fridays

(bring clothes they can stretch in)


-  Outdoor footwear to be available in school each day 


- Water bottles to be in school every day 


- Eagles will need their planner and reading book each day


- Keep an eye on when it's your week for 'Read and Tell' 




Please note:


It is mImage result for keep calm and labeluch easier to reunite children with misplaced 

clothing if it is clearly labelled. We have lots of

unclaimed clothing at the end of every term, so we 

hope this is the year, where we have nothing left on

the ping pong table at the end of term clear out!



The children's property willImage result for mobiles phones be their

responsibility - this includes phones for those

who choose to bring one in if they are walking.

Phones will not be taken in during the day and

must remain in the child's bag

and switched off





To support the children's learning at home, please access these

free websites:


Timestable Rockstars

Top Maths

Mini Maths Challenges

Literacy Shed

SPaG Games

SPaG Games 2

Reading Eggspress

Maths Booster Site



Please see below for the Eagles, Kestrels and Hawks Topic Overview and autumn Curriculum Letter for more detailed information on what your child will be getting up to this term:




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