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Friday 22th May 

Good morning Kingfishers! Mrs Pickles has set up a new Padlet page for us all - the one you have been posting on is now full! Keep watching on here for the new link! Time flies doesn't it? It's half term next week so make sure you spend lots of time outside and exploring.

Skipping Challenge - With two people holding either end of the rope, can you run into the middle and skip? Can you run out? Learn a skipping song and try to complete it without stopping the rope.


Remember you can send photo's of what you have been doing to our padlet on the link below or to our email address's


Have a go at these challenges:

Number Race Challenge: Using the facts below, can you work out if the Fibonacci numbers catch up? If so, at what point do the Fibonacci numbers overtake square numbers? 

Square numbers are numbers multiplied by themselves (2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5 etc).

Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers that starts with 1, and each number after is found by adding the two previous numbers. 


Map Challenge: Go on a walk and when you get home, create a map of your walk. Remember that a map should include a North arrow (orientated the correct way), a key and place/name labels. 


Water Challenge: Select five different cups and bowls. Fill these up with different amounts of water and estimate how many millilitres of water are in the cup or bowl. Write this down before pouring the water into a measuring jug. Accurately work out how much water was in your cup or bowl and record it. How accurate was your estimate? Can you convert your measurements into litres? Remember 1 litre is made of 1000 millilitres.  


Science Observation Challenge: Fill a glass of water to the brim and place on a flat surface. How many coins or paper clips can you slide carefully into the glass before the water spills over the top? What do you notice about the water level?


Bee Fact File Challenge: Every individual bee has its own small job which when it works together with other bees, makes the colony successful. Create a fact file about the different types of honey bee and their jobs. 

*Spicy challenge - why do bee colonies swarm and how should Mrs Harling catch the swarm safely?


Bee Colony Challenge: Why do you think bees are so successful? Write a list of rules you think the bees follow to work as an effective team.


Bee Life Cycles Challenge: Research into the life cycle of the three differnt types of honey bee (the worker bee, the drone and the Queen). Draw each type of bee a life cycle and remember to illustrate it.


Write a letter to a grown up at school explaining what you are doing at home and what you are looking forward to when you come back to school. Make sure you write the name of the adult you are writing to and the school address correctly on an envelope before posting it. Mrs Pickles and Mrs Harling will be in school next week and will give them out. Your letter doesn't have to be to your teacher, it could be to a teaching assistant, a member of the Hive, the kitchen staff, the cleaners, our caretaker Mr Dillworth, our head teacher Mrs Sweeney or any other adult.


Signals Challenge: This week Mrs Harling has been busy building a sail canopy in her allotment using pulleys, shackles and rigging eyes to raise and lower the sail. Before radio was available to sailors to communicate between ships and to port, they had to use flags to send and receive messages. The simplest of these was called semaphore. Semaphore involves holding your arms in different positions which mean different letters. Can you send a short message from one end of your garden to another using semaphore? Use the cipher below to help you. You do not have to use flags as long as you have your arms straight in the correct position but if you wanted to make your own then have a go!


Origami Animal Challenge: Origami is the art of paper folding and there are plenty of you tube tutorilas for you to choose from. Send in photo's of any creatures you make.


Firework Science Challenge: Can you follow these instructions to make your own mini fireworks. This can get rather messy! 


Nauture Picture Challenge: Make a picture out of nature of something you love. I can't resist making art when I am on the beach. The elephant was made on a beach in France and the VW camper was on a trip to Anglesey in our camper van. 


VE Day Singing Challenge: Learn the song 'We'll Meet Again' by Dame Vera Lynn using the link at the top of the page. Ask your parent to video you singing it and email it to Mrs Harling who will try to put them all together. The more of you who participate, the better it will be!


VE Day Challenge: Create a garden party poster for VE day. What does VE mean? Find 3 facts about this day 75 years ago


Countdown challenge: Can you make the answer 299 from the numbers below?

50           100           3           8           25          2


Magic Challenge: This challenge is inspired by Max! Learn a magic trick and perform it to your family. There are plenty of you tube videos and resources on the internet to get ideas, please remember your e-safety guidelines when researching.


Famous Building Challenge: Research a famous building, for example the Eiffel Tower, and produce a poster explaining key information about it. Then using lego/blocks/straws etc build it and share a photo up on our class padlet page. 


Washing Machine Challenge: Learn how to use the washing machine to do the laundry. Make sure an adult supervises you to sort the clothes, put in the detergent and turn the washing machine on. The challnge is only completed when your clothes are all neatly folded or hung up in your room.


Sit up Challenge: How many sit ups can you do in one minute?


Coding Challenge: Max and Sam have been working hard on creating their own code and have written a message for you all in Kingfishers. Who can work out the message?


Use Max's cipher to decode his message below:


Max's message: I am missing my friends and teachers lots.


Use Sam's cipher to decode his message:

Sam's message: Kingfishers are the best.


Spelling Challenge: Write out a column of your tricky words - make sure there is enough space between the words to cut out each letter. Mix all the letters from all the words together. Using a timer, see how long it takes you to make all the words. A point for each correctly spelt word and a 10 point bonus if you can do it in less than 5 minutes.


Woodland Bird Spotting Challenge: Go outside, sit quietly and see whether you can spot any birds. Write down which ones you see. If you don't know what they are, do a quick stetch or take a photograph and look it up online afterwards. Keep a diary of which birds you see over the next week. 


Coding Challenge: Create your own code and write a cipher. A cipher shows another person what each symbol or letter means. Write a message to Kingfishers in your own code. Email Mrs Harling with your message and cipher and she will put these up on the website tomorrow.


SPaG Challenge: Write the following labels and stick them up around your garden - concrete noun, proper noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, modal verb, adjective. Ask your grown up to say different words. Run to the correct label to show your answer. For an extra challenge, get your grown up to have a go!


Spelling challenge:

                             t n v r n o m e i n e


What word does the letters above spell?


How many different 3 letter+ words can you make from the letters above?

You can only use each letter once in a word.

eg: ten


STEM Challenge: Using sticks you have found outside, build the tallest tower you can. It must be free standing - not leaning against anything. Think about what shapes would add strength to your tower. You may use up to 2m of string (this must be measured accurately) to tie your sticks together. Meausre your tower and share a photo of you with it (and the tower height) on our class padlet.


Amy's Maths Puzzle - Fill in the blank squares and email your answers to Mrs Harling. Answers will be revealled tomorrow morning! 



Keepy Uppy Challenge: How many keepy uppies can you do with a football? How many times can you throw and catch a ball against the wall without dropping it? Can you hit a target box on the wall with accurate throwing? Send us the photo's of you practising.


Adjective Challenge: Can you write two adjectives for each letter of the alphabet? Use a dictionary to help you! Share your best ones by emailing Mrs Harling or putting them on the class padlet.


Easter Story Poster: Read the Easter story and think about why it is so important to Christians. Design a poster to show the key parts of the Easter story and exlpaining how Christians observe the different parts of the Easter celebration. Some vocabulary to include: Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, forgiveness, hope, resurrection. Share your poster on our class padlet page. 


Have a go at Sam's pyramid challenge - send your answers to Mrs Harling and the answers will be put up tomorrow at 4pm


Reading Quiz - Choose a sentence from each of your 5 favourite books. Write each of these down with the title of the book underneath it and email it to Mrs Harling. These will put up once a week and the answers will go up the next day.


A-Z Scavenger Hunt: On your next walk, take a match box or a similar sized box. Fill this with different things you find as you walk. Try to find objects with each letter of the alphabet. Share your best ones with us on our class padlet page. 


Maths Challenge: Can you design your own triangle puzzle. Use the photo to help you. When you are done, email Mrs harling with your puzzle and a completed answer sheet. These will get put up on the website over the next couple of weeks.


Woodland Challenge: On a walk or out in your garden, find three different leaves, cut them in half lengthways (along the line of symmetry) and stick onto a piece of paper. Using a pencil, draw the other side of the leaf and colour it in.


Easter crafts: Design and make an Easter display to go up in a window so others can see it (ask your parents which window first!). Remember to send us your photos either by email or on our class padlet


Word Challenge: Use a dictionary to find a 14 letter word. Use the letters in that word to make as many other words as you can. Score 1 point for each one. Proper nouns don't count and the words must be spelt correctly to count towards your score.


Mrs Harling's Flag Challenge: Make a set of pairs cards, one card needs to have the country name on (e.g., Italy) and draw on the flag on the other card. Lay the cards face down and match the country and flag together. How many can you get?

Exercise Challenge: How many burpees can you complete in 1 minute?


Mrs Pickles Sketching Challenge: Learn to sketch and shade animals and insects - there are lots of different You-tube videos you can follow. 


French Song Challenge: Teach your family some of the french songs we have learnt this year and have fun singing out loud!   J'aime les fruit Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Alouette


Obstacle Course Challenge: Create an obstacle course for the family in your garden or house (use Zander's video at the bottom of the page for some ideas)


Rock Cycle Challenge: Draw and illustrate the rock cycle. Some of the key words you will need :volcano, igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary, pressure, heat, cool, particles.


Photograph Challenge: Choose a plant or flower in your garden and take a photo of it, from the same angle every time, three times a day for a week. Make a short video of all your photographs in order and play it at double speed to see how your plant grows!


Woodland Challenge: Using natural objects you have found in your garden or on a walk, create a piece of art. Remember to share this on our Padlet


Mrs Harling's Knot Challenge: Can you learn how to tie a slip knot, a reef knot, a figure eight knot and a bowline knot? Use string or a shoelace and share your photos on padlet.

Spicy knot challenge - can you tie a monkey's fist knot? Follow the instructions on this video:


Mrs Pickles Headstand Challenge: Learn to do a headstand. If you can already do a headstand, can you make up a small routine making different shapes with your legs while you are balancing? We look forward to seeing your photo's and videos on Padlet


Thursday 7th May

Leoni has created an amazing jungle and has been playing happily with her sister.


Tuesday 5th May

Bailey has been busy reading at home and Tommy has been working hard on his literacy.



Tuesday 28th April

Bailey has been busy doing crafts, he has designed and made his own football trophy.


Friday 24th April

Sienna has been busy at home with her maths. She has been finding right angles in her garden!


Thursday 23rd April

Rebecca has been busy making and selling bird boxes. She has raised over £120 for the NHS. Well done Rebecca!


Wednesday 22nd April

Noah has been learning all about World Earth Day


Alfie has written an amazing poem in memory of his great grandad heart


Tuesday 21st April

Mrs Pickles has added powerpoints that Sam and Alfie have sent in to this page, please scroll down to news items to watch them.


Bailey has been busy working on his maths today


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Friday 3rd April 

Well done to Harrison who challenged me on Rockslam yesterday!


Thursday 2nd April

Well done to Harrison for challenging Mrs Harling on Rockslam! I really enjoyed our games. Thank you for sharing your work on our class padlet too - keep posting!


Wednesday 1st April

Thankyou for sharing your photo's and videos on Padlet, Amy's cake looked amazing and I hope Oli H's kitchen is back to normal after his volcano eruption!


Alex has been busy learning the piano

Tuesday 31st

Bailey has been keeping busy working on his learning pack today

Oliver H has been busy working on the tasks in his homelearning pack


Monday 30th March

Sam has been busy working on equivalent fractions this morning and Evan has drawn a beautiful diagram of the rock cycle.


Friday 26th March

Sam has been busy writing a fact file about Egyptian amulets

WOD of the day 

Teach your family how to do burpees and planks.

Set a timer for 5 minutes 

In every minute, complete 10 burpees and a 30 second plank.

Any time you have left in the minute is rest time until the next minute starts when you will repeat the 10 burpees and a 30 second plank. On the minute, every minute for 5 minutes.



Thursday 25th March

Sam has been busy creating a poster on Hinduism, showing off his amazing handwriting and Evan has written a diary entry explaining all about what he has done today.

Ollie has been busy with his maths and artwork


Wednesday 24th March

Lilly-May has been busy baking, Bailey has got his whole family doing the Joe Wicks workout and Sam did the 24 maths challenge



Tuesday 23rd March

It was fab to see the photo's of you all keeping busy on our new Padlet page. I was impressed with Sam's and Ollie's cakes and Evies hoovering.

I have set myself a challenge of learning to draw and paint over the next few weeks by watching different you tube tutorials and will post regular pictures. Now is the time to practice something that you really enjoy - cooking, baking, art, gymnastics, model making, knitting! The packs we sent home are to keep your brains ticking over for maths and english but life is also about fun and doing things you enjoy. What skills will you practice? Post photo's on Padlet to keep us updated.


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