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Article 12 Squad

Wheelock's Article 12 Squad 


At Wheelock, we are very keen to make sure our children have a voice. One way in which we achieve this is through children taking part in the Article 12 Squad.

We have children from across the school in our Squad, who meet regular during school time to discuss ideas, make plans and share their opinions. 

Article 12 links to the Rights Respecting Schools CRC articles. In particular, this article is the right for children to have their say and be listened to. 


Our Article 12 Squad members


Year 1/2  
Year 3 Emily
Year 4 Louis
Year 5 Lyra
Year 6 Sam F


Article 12 Squad After-school Club:

During this time, we will plan and discuss upcoming whole-school projects linked to Unicef’s Rights Respecting Schools Articles.  Each month, we will select an Article to focus on in school, and complete some linked activities in our club to ensure our squad become an expert to support oter pupils!  


Our focus for November is Article 24: Health, Water, Food and Environment. Activities during our club meetings will include designing healthy snack posters, planting winter pots to brighten our outdoor spaces and litter picking in our local community. 


Pictures will be added soon!


Find out more about our Rights Respecting Schools work by clicking this link!