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Trauma Informed Practice At Wheelock

We all face emotionally challenging situations during our childhood which is a normal part of growing up. However, some children grow up in environments and experiences that they are unable to cope with, which can be traumatic and may have a long-lasting effect on their development, learning, health and behaviour. (Young Minds, 2021)

A rising number of children are presenting with mental health difficulties in schools across the country, which are often displayed through challenging behaviours.   Many children have a high Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score (meaning multiple adverse childhood experiences) which are known to leave children at risk of mental and physical ill-health later in life and even early death. 

Children spend 190 days a year at school so we believe that schools are very well placed to support these children to manage their ACEs and make positive progress to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Wheelock is committed to improving the life-opportunities for ALL children, and has therefore embarked on a Trauma Informed Practise project.

Please watch the attached clip to get a better understanding of how Adverse Childhood Experiences impact on a child's future.  


The following posters, available at Young Minds are a great guide for how to support a child using a Trauma Informed Approach:









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