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Support and Provision


Wheelock Primary School

At Wheelock, we support children with their mental health and wellbeing to ensure that they leave here happy, confident individuals ready to strive in the community. 

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Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Pathway

The Mental Health pathway that is followed at Wheelock is attached below. This is used to identify children who may need extra support. This bespoke support, created within Wheelock, allows us to identify children and provide them with support and guidance early. 


Our Treetop Provision to support groups 

At Wheelock, we support the children's mental health and wellbeing through 6 week planned and impacted interventions called Treetops sessions. These are delivered by Treetops leaders each week. They are a mixture of discussions, active and creative tasks. Children are referred to Treetops by their teacher or through a concern raised by a parent.

 The overview of Treetops sessions is attached below. 


Elsa Support



Children who require further support for their mental health are also offered ELSA sessions. These sessions are delivered by trained specialist teaching assistants in emotional literacy with a wealth of experience. The aim of these sessions, which are delivered weekly over 8-12 weeks, is to build a child's emotional development and help them cope with life's challenges. The sessions will help your child find solutions to any problems that they have. 

More information about our ELSA offer in school can be found attached underneath. 



Mental Health and Wellbeing at Wheelock Date  
Treetops overview 06th Jul 2022 Download
Whole school approach 06th Jul 2022 Download
Support Signposting from Visyon v5 06th Feb 2023 Download