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ScienceAt Wheelock, we believe that Science promotes pupil’s ability to question the world they live in. A love of science opens pupil’s minds to a world beyond what they know. Our science curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to obtain skills to progress both academically and in their future careers. We strongly believe that children should have a range of hands-on practical experiences in their Science lessons to make their learning real. We follow the National Curriculum for Science and make cross curricular links where possible. Here at Wheelock, we have high expectations of all children and believe that everyone can achieve.


The curriculum is implemented differently across the Key Stages to reflect the needs of the children:

-In EYFS, pupils learn through ‘Understanding the World’. This is completed through indoor and outdoor provision as well as small group and whole class inputs. Learning follows the children’s interests, topical events and structured opportunities. EYFS prepares children with the knowledge and enquiry skills needed to begin their Primary Science curriculum journey when they go to year one. 

-In KS1 and KS2, children follow the National Curriculum and take part in discrete lessons following a scheme of work.

Children at Wheelock:

  • Build on prior knowledge and understanding
  • Experience a range of lessons, offering an abundance of practical opportunities
  • Be provided with chances to work scientifically throughout every unit of work
  • Develop scientific vocabulary in Science lessons and the wider curriculum
  • Make predictions, ask questions and set up investigations
  • Lead investigations
  • Explore the world around them (using our woodlands to enrich this)
  • Take part in National Science Week and national competitions
  • Complete concept cartoons to assess their knowledge
  • Have the opportunity to attend educational visits and/or have workshops within our school environment
  • Engage in wider school projects with strong STEM links


-Children will be provided with the foundations for understanding the world.

-Children will be exposed to and understand high quality vocabulary that can apply in a range of situations.

-Children will have a wide variety of skills linked to scientific knowledge, skills and enquiry.

-Children will be able to think critically and analytically.

-Children will be able to ask questions based on curiosity of the world around them.


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