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Wheelock 7

School Vision / Ethos

Our Mission Statement

Children leave Wheelock as creative individuals who welcome challenge and are ready to take their place in the global community.

In order to achieve this mission, we have four key values which run throughout our curriculum and help shape the people that the children become. 


We aim to equip our children with respect and with the skills they need to become responsible and valuable members of society and to find their own place in the world.


We aim to inspire our children to think and act differently; to use their imaginations and to see different possibilities.    


We aim to foster in our children a love of challenge and to empower them with the skills and mind-set to take on the challenges of life.


We aim to nurture all children as individuals who know who they are and believe in themselves.


Each of these aims is represented by an animal who we feel exemplifies the values that underpin it. These animals and their values form the basis of our school curriculum, they are displayed in every classroom and are referred to throughout the day. They give the children a shared language for expressing the personal and interpersonal skills they are developing and exploring both in class and through the wider opportunities they have in school.